Tuesday 13 November 2012

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool JUNE 2012

MBS (Marina Bay Sands) Infinity Pool is one of the best breathtaking place you'll ever see in Singapore. Back then, I would just always see this amazing architectural wonder on travel mag & tourist guide brochures. But when I tried it, I fell in love so much with the place that I don't wanna get out of the pool. So here were some of photos with closest friends & housemates taken during the fab birthday celebration of my dear Jizelle early this year at MBS Infinity Pool. Enjoy =)

Panoramic view of the Sky Park.

Super photoshoot mode =)

Early morning swim with my dear friends.

@ 5:30 am, still gloomy & cold

Basking off under the sun.

Isn't cool to be on this pool? Love the background.

Infinity Pool is <3

Hanging effect of the MBS structure.

Kids will surely enjoy here.

View from the top of MBS.

My sexy hot girls on the go.

Don't forget to bring your underwater cam for some wacky shots.

FourEVER Friends (Jitz, Taseng, Daf, Me)

There's even sauna for you to enjoy.

The lady in red as she celebrated her birthday.

Back then when our bodies were still awesome. LMAO

Wearing my Pull n' Bear Shirt & Rayban sunnies.

Stripes Attack.

The MBS Infinity Pool is actually located on top of this Singapore's structural icon.

Instagram Post!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Coming up next will be my Universal Studios Singapore escapade. Spread the love everyone! =)

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