Thursday, 9 February 2017

Food: The Armoury Singapore

Welcome to The Armoury Singapore located the Beach Road, the perfect place for brunching!
I spent my 28th birthday last month with my colleagues here at Armoury for some early morning coffee and perfect brunch indulgence to satisfy our cravings for some Egg's Benedict, bacon and waffles. I have not tried going for brunch in a long time so this was a totally new food experience wherein we gotta wake up early and feed ourselves with some satisfying brunch menus with exotic culinary fusion where it's taste worked perfectly with our taste buds. 

THE ARMOURY is a contemporary cafe / bar with a modern-classical look that ties up with the history of its location at South Beach Quarter. Their brunch is available from 7:30AM to 3:30PM. Whether you want Espresso, Long Black, Latte or Mocha they have all the coffee varieties in here. Take a look at the items we ordered that you will definitely love as well. 

Aburi French Toast - $16 SGD
Bacon & Eggs - $19 SGD
The Armoury Burger - $25 SGD
Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, yuzu gel, cream cheese
Berry Ricotta Hotcake - $19 SGD
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict - $17 SGD
Small or Big Breakfast - $14 or 26 SGD
Sweet Dessert - $11 SGD
The whole cast for my birthday brunch date.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Fashion: Chanel Boy

Welcome 2017! Yes I know, it's been a long time since I posted here on my blog. And now I'm finally back for good. It has been almost 3 months that I was away from social media platform and now I'm ready to share again my food, fashion and travel blog posts to everyone! Let me start with my first fashion blog post for the year 2017 with this look during my birthday brunch celebration in Beach Road Singapore. 

Of course it will still be the same minimalist fashion style that I'm focusing on in this look. What else would be more appropriate than black and while color combo! In this look, I'm wearing fedora hat from H&M and wearing chinese collar white top from Zalora Singapore. I'm loving this denim skinny shorts I bought online via paired with black leather shoes from Pedro Singapore. Since it was a sunny day, I made sure I have the best pair of sunglass from Sunnies Studios, their Sloane was a prefect match to my look. 

And since it was my birthday, I finally got in hand my first ever Chanel bag, thank you big time to my generous friends who spoiled me so much with fashion pieces that I really do need for my OOTD fashion blog post. Watch out for more blog post coming out soon. Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Posting something really personal here in my blog wasn't an easy thing. But it's an outlet for me to share the harsh reality of life that everyone of us do experience in real life. Instead of posting anything about fashion, travel or food blog, let me dedicate this blog post to all people out there who's life has been moved or became a victim of love. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Food: Healthy Diet 101

There's a great impact of the food that we intake that is directly proportional to our health status.
Recently I have been experiencing severe occasional stomach pain to consider of chronic ulcer, gastritis or stomach flu maybe. I have been so passive on my lifestyle esp on my food intake though I'm usually physically active (regular gym work outs and monthly marathon runs). I have realized that my daily meals are lacking of fresh, nutritious and organic food items that are essential to my healthy living needs.

So I came up with a solution that I wanna share with you guys. I don't usually cook and staying alone as an OFW here in Singapore is quite a dilemma especially when preparing meals due to hectic work schedules. So every Sunday (usually my off day) I'll take a time to do some grocery time to get some of my favorite fruits and vegetables that I love to eat. Most of the time, my prepared meals would consist of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, apple, lemon, broccoli, cauliflower  and okra. As my protein source, I will get some chicken breast, organic brown eggs and fish balls for add-ons. I will prepare a 1 week ready to eat meals that I can just bring out of the fridge and re-heat for a quick meal. You can do some variations of course as it's honestly quite boring to eat these for long duration of time. This way, I can really see and monitor what I eat and will really help you lose weight and stuff your body with all the need nutrients and vitamins for a healthy and active life.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Travel: Arashimaya Bamboo Grove Kyoto Japan

 This magical place located in Kyoto Japan is one of the best travel destination to write on your bucket list. Welcome to Arashimaya Bamboo Grove! If you will check some of famous travel bloggers, this picturesque scenery will be on top of their travel recommendations. The place is just few walks away from the train station in Kyoto wherein you can choose whether to walk by feet or can rent bicycle to tour the area. This bamboos are just so magical that their natural bend and its well trimmed leaves are just so perfectly captivation in my eyes. Of course I never left this place without capturing a perfect shot worth remembering the place. I hope to be able to visit this place again with my family or close friends as I'm 100% sure they will love it here too.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fashion: In Warm Neutrals

Beige, sand, khaki, camel or brown. However you want to call it, this recurring F/W colour trend is one of my ultimate favourite! I just love everything in nude or brown colors recently. You guys know that for the longest time I simple more obsessed with black and white fashion look. I guess my minimalist fashion sense of style is gradually shifting into more alternative color tone options. This look may look simple having them separated individually but by carefully choosing every color pallete of your fashion pieces, it can be strikingly simple but fashionable of course. This look was even posted on Zalora's Singapore official Instagram account. Such a great OOTD accomplishment for me.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Food: Kilo Kallang

Welcome to Kilo Restaurant located @ 66 Kampong Bugis Singapore. Located in an old storage warehouse by the edge of the picturesque Kallang Basin, Kilo Kallang promises an experience from the moment you arrive. The open-air concept of the restaurant makes you feel as you've left Singapore, but also as if you just have stepped into someone's home. The laid-back ambience makes it the perfect space to relax over over a meal and a round of drinks after work, or simply to catch up with friends and family in an intimate, warm setting. Kilo Kallang offers innovative, new and fresh cuisines, friendly service, and a personalised evening to suit all your needs, creating a memorable experience for everyone.