Friday 5 January 2018

Peace Out 2017!

Happy 2018 everyone! Yes I know that its been 2 months since my last blog post! Just because some people don't post often on social media, it doesn't mean there is less going on in their lives. Sometimes, you enjoy life so much that you forget about posting things on your blog! (Haha sorry for being selfish guys!). Aiming for this year 2018 to upgrade my blog contents and providing more useful information for you food, travel and fashion ideas.

Peace out 2017 is a recap of my last year events, travels, and happenings with the highlights of my ups and downs in joining the bandwagon of posting your 2017 memories in social media. With this, I do hope that I will remember all the life lessons that came my way and to be gratitude for all the blessings that I have received and be thankful for a life well blessed in so many ways. I do hope that this year will be a great year for your career, travel plans and simply a year of happiness and prosperity! Go on and claim God's blessing in your life today!

Spent my 27th Birthday brunch at The Armoury Craft Beer Bar

Birthday Boy in London!

Spending a weekend getaway in Kuala Lumpur with BFF.

Family Portrait! Adding one as my eldest sister finally got married.

Iba pa rin ang summer sa Pinas! (Location: Pinamalayan Orienrtal Mindoro, Philippines)

Getting my second tattoo from the tattoo artist expert, my brother-in-law!

First hospitalization experience, and this will not happen again.

First timer - Best Man giving my speech moment!

Bali is always a good idea! Summer feels with a bottle of Bintang beer, take me back.

LOVE sign in front of Taiwan's famous TAIPEI 101.

ULTRA Singapore Music Festival with my loves!

Celebratiing birthday and friendships, simple gatherings that creates the most memories!

First official event joining Singapore International Triathlon - GOAL MET!

Had the most run in a year gathering almost 12 running medals and joining 15 running events.

Much awaited reunion, Singapore friends reunited during my best friend's wedding.

Welcome to Middle Earth - finally conquered New Zealand! Yahooo....

The love of my life @ Shang-rila Sentosa Singapore.

Swinging away from 2017 & ready for 2018 @ Bali Indonesia!


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