Tuesday 20 February 2018

Journey to Recovery

It's been a while again since my last post. My recent blog I have mentioned to keep it up with my regular blogging activities and pardon to all my avid followers & blog readers for the long wait!
As I welcomed my 29th birthday last month, I celebrated it in the operating room bed for an urgent Appendectomy procedure here in Singapore! It was a very unfortunate event that my appendix have ruptured needing for doctors to do open laparotomy procedure where they had to open my abdominal wall leaving more than 6-inch long scar and a painful hospitalization experience of my life!

It's hard to cope up with the reality that you wanted to start fresh this year but such incidence happened. That rays of hope in my life like sunlight were suddenly blocked by heavy dark clouds. It's easy for us to get out of focus when such problems and trials come our way. We may have the best outlook in life and the enough positivity to welcome the new year with a blast but end of the day, you'll realize you are not in control of everything.

Change is constant so be adaptive! Trials is part of life so be ready to take on the challenge. Life sometimes can be blurred so know where you stand. There are times where you will be forced to choose in life so know what really matters. At this point, I had lots of realization in life and it was a wake up call to where I stand in life right now.

HOPE - Hold On, Pain Ends! 
So if you are reading this, let me tell you this! Whatever you're going through in life, remember that God is beside you and will never give you problems or put you into any situations that are beyond your capabilities. Instead of getting envious of people around you living the best time of their lives, look at how blessed you are as compare to people who die every minute due to hunger, poverty and illnesses.

Let me remind you that God is just a kneel away from you! Life is so precious that to simply experience God's creation and having a loving family & friends will be enough for you not to give up on life. Go out and breathe some fresh air. Talk to someone you trust and let them give you the support and help you need. Always stay positive and let your optimism be the fuel to keep you going in life. And lastly pray to Him for He is the answer for everything!

It will take few more months for me to go back on my life habits like night run, swimming, marathon, triathlon, outdoor adventures and travelling. For now, I'm just focusing on having a fast and healthy recovery and now I have fully understand the simple yet powerful phrase, "Health is Wealth!". I have quit smoking and drinking for 6 weeks now and that is one ultimate goal met of my life. There could be some changes to be done in my upcoming blog posts but for now at least I have updated everyone and hope you got inspired with this blog post. Stay blessed and positive in life my dear friends!  


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