Monday 14 January 2013


Looking for a good spot to finish a book, soul-searching or simply spend an afternoon with your loved ones?

Well take a visit on this awesome place in Holland Village, a newly opened coffee shop called d'GOOD CAFE. Since I had a very hectic schedule in the past few months, I had an idea of bringing my closest loved ones in this place and I just wanna share with you the unforgettable experience and bonding moments we had. Enjoy!


Look up high above with Jitz & Lee.
Loving the details on this corner wall.
We Are Young indeed.
Pick your flavor (Caramel, Mocha, Green Tea, Cookies n Cream, Vanilla) 
Swing for lovers.
The interior of the seating area.
The Lawn.
Inspiring words to live up this 2013.
Look at this wallpaper, perfect for striking a pose.
Usual scenario for a foodporn enthusiast =)
Every little details of this cafe is incredible.
Enjoying the ambience of friendship with Jitz, Daf, Tracy & Lee.
Customers photo shots @ d'GOOD CAFE.
My political partner from the stateside.
With my ever gorgeous sister Tracy.

Chill out on this swing.
The Bar area where you can place your order.

4Ever Friends.
You want space & privacy? Ok this place is for you. LOL

Aside from this traditional cheesecake, they also serve waffles, macaroons & short cakes.

Drinks Menu (Hot, Cold, Frappe) 
Hanging containers for straws & utensils. Like this much.

Feeling barista wannabe.
Picture Perfect (Good Lighting, Perfect Ambience & Loved Ones)
Like a boss!

Craving for Red Velvet Cheesecake? Yum...
The Attic Area.

Tracy with her luscious Lava Cake.
Always Good Coffee Shop.
This lava cake doesn't have so much interesting in terms of taste but I love the presentation though.
Jitz in here Mango bag and flawless smile.

This will definitely give you a brand new coffee experience. Hope you continue to support and visit my blog page. My next post will be for cupcake lovers out there. That will be my next blog post soon. Bon Appetite! 

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