Wednesday 31 July 2013

FOOD: Cafe Fresco

Vietnam has seen an explosion of new coffee shops oriented towards foreign visitors & affluent locals in the last few years. Most of the action in this new cafe scene is in HCMC, with significant development  also in Hanoi. That being said, coffee shop like Cafe Alfresco should certainly not be ignored.

Located in walking distance from Saigon Square & frequented by locals, this cosy safe has lots of sitting nooks surrounded by very relaxing ambience perfect for enjoying that cup of coffee. Service might be slow but friendly. Cafe Fresco has a menu that includes western favourites like burgers, pasta & pizza. There's also free wifi. Make sure to try this once you visit HCMC.

Perfect morning coffee fix.
Coffee Ice Blended Caramel
Coffee Ice Blended Chocolate
Cafe Interior Design

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