Tuesday 6 August 2013


Another awesome month of July had passed & I'm grateful for all the blessings of travel, friends, work & food escapade that flooded my Instagram account. Hope you enjoy once again my Instagram July 2013 blog post & remember Life is too short not to enjoy so continue to dream & don't stop believing.

Good things come to those who wait or those who are willing to get up & get shit done.

Waking up early just for McDo hotcakes.
Under water selfie.
Dope tank tops at

Ring for SEX.
Hoarding for new scents. (Paco Robanne, Kate Moss, Beckham, Bvlgari)
Singapore's very own Chicken Wings.
GREECE Pull&Bear top from Athens by my roommate Jizelle.
Vietnam Pocket Guide for a perfect tour.
Night Rush G-Shock x Everlast
Selfie after Asylum Workout Challenge.
Aston's Express Steak.
New addition to my Men's Health Singapore collection.
Whoppers x Coconut Juice for breakfast.
Must try in Singapore. DIY Noodle soup whatever LOL!
Night Essentials.
Airport comfort outfit (Pull&Bear top, Bershka shorts & Vans shoes).
First timer in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).
Good morning Saigon @ Gia Vien Hotel.
Day 1 in Vietnam District 1 scoring on my summer outfitey.
Conquering Vietnam with my Starhub mentors.
Chicken Ginger Clay pot.
Jollibee in Vietnam.
Seafood Platter.
Streets of Vietnam.
Ca-ra-men Ca-Phe @ Fresco Coffee
Poolside essentials @ Silver Creek Resort.
Fashion vs. Nature.
Mirror mirror on the wall night selfie shot.
Night Party Situation in Vietnam.
Photo shoot session in the hotel with Nathan & Rose.
Group Picture at Rubber Tree Plantation.
Cu Chi Tunnel.
Hotel sleepless night smoke break.
Awesome interior at Silver Creek Resort Vietnam.
Moustache watch & ring.
Back stroke with Nathan & Marlon.
Arm Candy all from Vietnam for only 15,000 VND
Indonesia's Hazelnut Beng-Beng from Vivi with love.
Vans shoes @ Star Cafe Vietnam.
Pool area at Silver Creek Resort.
Don't you just love this?
Quick work-out at the resort.
Early morning coffee fix.
Full breakfast @ Bino Restsurant.
Life is too short not to accessorise.
War Remnants Museum.
5K Run kind of morning.
Steak with Mac & Cheese.
Coach vs. Herschel.
Fried noodle dinner.
Cross-eyed talent.
Rajo by Milanos flats.
One happy SG Family.
Papa Arby's Bday Cake.
Saturday dinner with Starhub's friends.
Yummy Lasagna at The LOFT.
Nathan & Nicholas from Starhub.
Baby Marcus in his awesome smile.
Perfect Soulmate: Absolut Vodka Redbull.
Chips Ahoy, Cream Cheese, M&Ms.
Pepper Lunch.
Birthday dinner with friends at Woodsvale Condominium.
Waffle Madness @ The LOFT.
Asylum Work-out.
Buttermilk Pancake.
Amazing beer flavors @ Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

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