Monday 10 February 2014

25th Birthday 2014

Starting to kick off 2014 with the best & unforgettable birthday celebration of my life. It’s always a triple celebration for me from Christmas to new year then my birthday as finale foe a long festive celebration. I’ve been celebrating my birthday in Singapore for 3 years now without my family but I’m lucky enough to have the best people here to always celebrate my birthday with me.

I celebrated my actual birth date overseas & that’s the most unforgettable one that I had so far (private life) LOL! I also accomplished one of my bucket list of 2014 & that’s when I had a Bungee Jump exactly on my birthday, what about that? I came home around 11:50PM but was still surprised by the onerflowing gifts & surprises for me. I was supposed to celebrate it in chalet or hotel but it’s all fully booked so I just decided to have it done in my own humble place.

Everything just went so perfectly from the pinoy food, unlimited liquors & awesome crowd who celebrated my birthday with me. What else would be so exciting other than their gifts? Oh well, nothing much to say but to be so thankful for all the love & gifts I received. Another year means new responsibility for me & looking forward for more travel, friendship, celebrations & life lessons this coming year. I love you guys!

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