Tuesday 18 March 2014


Travel will never be complete without shopping. UAE is known for their extravagant shopping malls that you shouldn't miss. We were able to visit Abu Dhabi Mall & World Trade Centre Mall for a day. What else would be better than window shopping, food tripping & having coffee after a whole day of shopping therapy.

We were also able to visit the SOUK Market which was the traditional market place of the Arabian culture. We were again amazed with all the must buy items from souvenirs, foodies & traditional handicrafts. So here's some of the awesome photos taken that I wanna share with everyone.

Wooden architecture of Abu Dhabi Mall.

It's a sunny day along the busy streets of Abu Dhabi.

Towering skyscrapers of UAE.

Choco Kebab- something exquisitely new.

What about Kebab with the chocolatey filling?

Artistic interior of Abu Dhabi Mall.

Quick stop for some window shopping with Nathan, Don & Glenn.

Don's quick coffee break @ Starbucks Abu Dhabi.

Some hot coffee & square doughnut on a luxurious golden table- It's more fun un UAE.

Chocolate Cream Chip Frappe for DADA.

Passed by ToyRus to check some toys for pasalubong.

Arabian details accessories

All black in elegant details- that's what fashion is all about here.

My feet that will go places to travel the world.

The SOUK Central Market in Abu Dhabi.

Shining bright like diamond chandeliers in Marina Mall.

Getting amazed with all the fashion patterns & details of the Middle East.

Parang nasa Macau Venetian lang on this mall view.

Where spices of all colour & flavours are available.

One thing about UAE: they will always have high ceiling & spacious area everywhere.

Coffee, Tea or Me? Have a free taste in various aroma & taste.

Starbucks Coffee in Marina  Mall Abu Dhabi.

Arabian art pieces & interior decorative items.

Having a taste of the real authentic shawarma. 

Bench Abu Dhabi.

Trying out some knits for the winter lookbook style.

The most awesome coffee spot located in Marina Mall.

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