Sunday 4 May 2014


AJISEN RAMEN deserves a mention when it comes to Japanese food quality & price value in Singapore. Last Sunday we had late lunch in this restaurant in Causeway Point branch. 

Ajisen Ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968 and now has expanded with more than 700 shops worldwide.Famous for its rich Tonkotsu soup (pork broth) which captures the essence after hours of boiling, Ajisen offers wide variety of ramen which caters to customers of all ages.

Tonkotsu Ramen.

Ajisen Ramen.

Excellent enviroment.

Ramen overload menu selections.

The infamous Nankotsu Ramen ($12 SGD).

Toji Set ($14.90 SGD).

Look how appetising it is - such a ramen lover.

Japanese Takoyaki balls.

The perfect Japanese combo meal.

Refreshing ice cold green tea.

Japanese beef dumplings - crunchy & flavourful.

Japanese Toji Set (omelette with shrimp inside). 

Ajisen Ramen Toji Set.

The best Japanese meal so far.

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