Tuesday 24 June 2014

Hongkong Nightlife Guide

Are you curious of what Hong Kong can offer for all the night lovers out there? I'm not only talking about bar hopping or just simply watching the famous light shows along the Avenue of Stars at night. There are several ways to explore & enjoy the city of Hong Kong & through this blog post, I will share to you all on how I spent my 3 nights in the most awesome way possible. So let's see what I've got for you my dear avid blog followers.

IMAGINATION. A night stroll in Hong Kong's underpass & saw this gigantic statement.

Having a cup of coffee after a great dinner @ Mc Cafe in Nathan Road.

Try mocha frappe & cinnamon rolls for boosting energy after a day tour or between shopping spree.

Have you tried hotel hopping? Then go to Shang-rila or Sheraton its the best.

What else will you ask for having this view at night while having a bottle of beer.

Have a drink of specialty cocktails @ Murphys Irish Pub.

You can never leave Hong Kong without a bite of their dumplings & siomai. So delish & authentic.

Eat outside on any Cantoneses Dimsum places possible.

It doesn't look photogenic though, but this beans dessert is a bomb & healthy too.

Mango & coconut milk for dessert will never fail your tastebuds.

Night street shopping in Temple street with all these dope bracelets.

Tsim Sha Tsui.

Get a good body massage or foot spa scattered around the city.

Hike in the Victoria Peak Hong Kong.

The view of Hong Kong City at night.

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