Friday 18 July 2014

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Malaysia

If you're spotting for a great hideaway to unleash your stressful wok life or perhaps unwind on a weekend trip, this place located in Desaru Malaysia is the place to be. If considering budget & proximity of this place from Singapore, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa offers nothing but the best of beach & recreational activities to all sun lovers out there. Spend your morning having breakfast with a beach view, take all the time for water fun rides and spend the night with a bottle of beers with friends are just some ideas you will surely enjoy in this beach haven. 

From Singapore, you just need to take a 40 minute ferry ride to reach this destination, if going here in a group of like 5-6 persons, individual spending for a 3 bedroom villa will just cost you $30-40/ head. Since you have everything you need inside, a pocket money of $50-$100 SGD will be enough to buy finger foods, bottle of beers or spending a coffee session wit friends. A 3 days & 2 nights itinerary will be recommended to fully utilize the amenities of Lotus Desaru as they have swimming pools, water parks, seafood resto, awesome water rides & other sports activities of your interest. 

So here's a photo diary of our awesome trip to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort with my Starhub colleagues early this year. Hope to come back here once more. Enjoy a life of travel to all my blog avid readers :)

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