Sunday 14 September 2014

Dean & DeLuca Singapore

So I finally made it to try the ever so overrated and talked about Dean & DeLuca located in Orchard Central Singapore with my friend Tracy to end up our heavy dinner at Gerry's Grill. We had no choice but to try their popular Belgian Waffle, Red Velvet Cake and Marble Chocolate Shake.

After reading so much good reviews of this food haven and as well with those negative customer service feedback, I will just focus this blog post on my personal first time experience here at D&D. Knowing the best food & drink to try, their Marble Chocolate Shake never failed my expectation as it taste like heavenly chocolatey yummy. Their Cafe Latte was nothing to special at all.

The Red Velvet Cake was so far the best I've tried. Not so sweet, but it's indeed moist and that distinct taste that makes you wanna finish the cake slice in 60 seconds. The Belgian Waffle was also perfectly executed in terms of it's taste and presentation. But the waffles was too hard and the ingredients seemed not to be freshly made. But in total, I still appreciated the place perfect for hanging out with friends or simply having a treat for yourself after a week of stressful job esp here in Singapore. Will definitely come back here to try their rainbow cake cake and gigantic pancakes with mixed berries.

Mixed Berries Belgian Waffle 

Marble Chocolate Shake ($7.50 SGD)

Cafe Latte ($6.00 SGD)

Red Velvet Cake ($8.00 SGD)

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