Friday 7 November 2014

Food: Southwest Tavern

Southwest Tavern is a cowboy themed inspired by American diner that specialises in some awesome Spam Chips & wester favourite sausages & fries. It is known for their popular Beer Butt Chicken - a roast chicken stuffed with a beer of cans and other seasonings making the chicken infused with so much flavours yet still juicy.

You can choose from a range of 28 beers from around the world as well as various cocktails and wines. 
This place was totally a surprise spot for me when one day I was suddenly ambushed by friends ending up tasting some best wine here at Southwest Tavern. Just look at their onion rings layered perfectly on a plate with mayo at the centre, just done perfectly crispy. They also have the SPAM chips - my all favourite canned goods fried until almost like a potato chips but still flavourfully done. Of course we had some sausages too that comes in variants, truly such a great pair for beers or any cocktails. To end up the night, we had a bottle of Moscato D'Asti given by a generous friend that totally completed our appetite that day.

Southwest Tavern
# 01-33 Tradehub 21
8 Boon Lay Way
Daily 11:00 - 00:00 

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