Sunday 22 March 2015

Fashion: Plaid Shirt World

Dress up or down in plaid shirt and and you will never go wrong. Plaid shirt for men will always be a trendsetter. I wore this look during a child dedication event. Since there's no dress code given, I found this perfectly tailored button-down made from the highest quality fabric from Forever 21 Men. For a defined look, go for fashion pieces that really fits you well like this plaid shirt.  

What I'm wearing: Plaid Shirt (Forever 21), Jeans (Folded & Hung), Loafer (Sperry), Leather Bracelet (Coach), Watch (Fossil).

Plaid Shirt (Forever 21), Jeans (Folded & Hung)

Leather Bracelet (Coach)

Brown Leather Loafer (Sperry)

Leather Watch (Fossil)

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