Sunday 17 May 2015


It's a brand new week again for everyone! Let me post again my monthly Instagram visual diaries for March 2015. Since I need to catch up as time really flying so fast and we only have few days left for this summer month of May. March 2015 was a period of realization for what I have already accomplished this year in terms of travel and personal career decisions. I didn't even realize that it was just the start of more travel adventures, food blogs to post and fashion OOTDs to shoot. 

A singe dream is more powerful than thousand realities. Are your sole dreams in life still burning like fire inside your heart or just about to die out of complications ir boredom in life! Well life will always be a choice, do what you really want no matter what other people say. In this blog post, you'll see the balance I'm trying to maintain in terms of personal, social and blogger world side of me. I'm still the same Dada who likes to explore new food haven, purchase new fashion stuff to reward my hardwork and travel in places to feed my soul.

My next post will be the Top 10 Must-try in Cebu so you better continue to read my blog post for more exciting trips and ideas to enjoy life to its fullest! Aim high and hit the mark.

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