Wednesday 30 December 2015

Travel: Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

I've been to some of the best beach resorts around the world but the beauty of Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia is uniquely captivating and the picturesque scenery of the beach is obviously the reason why many tourists all over the world visit this paradise in Asia.

Our hotel was just exactly opposite the beach area of Kuta. It was a very short walking distance, really accessible for us. It's really therapeutic when you're on the beach with that sun, sea and sand for I will simply never get tired of beach life. I have the best people with me as well that I enjoyed Kuta Beach too much, watching all the water sports action, finishing a bottle of Bintang beer while overlooking the sunset in action and endless memories with people that really matters to you.

Bali Indonesia is quite a big island to explore and  I know more beautiful beaches to discover so Kuta Beach is just a piece of its paradise. Anyone who will go here will easily fall in love with Bali.

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