Wednesday 23 August 2017

Travel: Summer 2017 in Bali Indonesia

One of the most magical island on planet earth where you can spend the best summer of your life will be no other than Bali, Indonesia.  To those who have seen it's natural beauty, I bet you will agree that 100% you fell in love on this place too. I came from a tropical island in the Philippines that's also blessed with so much of natural resources, but the Island of Bali is still one of a kind from its picturesque sceneries, golden sunsets and huge waves where the true colors of summer can happen.

There's so much to discover in Bali, as I've been here for three time already but still haven't explore some on the best tourist spots and must see places on the island. My last visit here was on April 2017 when my workmates decided to spend a long weekend vacation and had the best summer time of our lives. We explored several locations including Nusa Dua, Pandawa Beach, Uluwatu, Ubud and Seminyak, Every miles we traveled were all worth it looking at the natural beauty of Bali and seeing it's magnificent beaches all over the island.

If you're planning to visit Bali, make sure to book your flights between March to May which is the summer season, although the most common issue during this time will  be number of tourist visits. Its advisable too in  going several places by booking your hotels or AirBnb into various locations to fully explore the island. Don't you worry about the expenses for the transportation and food here coz it's way cheaper than Maldives, Phuket or even in Boracay. One thing that you will also love here will be the local people, with their genuine smile and obvious hospitality that truly captured our hearts, they have the respect and love for tourism and one of their community's source of income and it's been a lifestyle actually to most of them. 

Let me share with you some of the best tourist spots and locations to visit in Bali, including of course my summer OOTD (haha!) and some of the food haven spots to try in the island. I will never get bored or tired of coming back to Bali and surely you will love to be here too one day! Enjoy this photo diary my dear blog readers!



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