Monday 23 July 2012


It was early this year when I decided to take a break from the hassle life of Singapore to breathe some fresh air and bask under the sun somewhere like paradise. Considering time limitations and financial dealings, the best place was Batam, Indonesia. Just a 45min ferry ride from SG, this place was a popular destination site for most locals here. 

I went here with my dearest friend Jizelle and booked our hotel just the night before we headed and finally decided to take on the trip. Early morning the next day, we left our home sweet home with only our passport, few summer clothes & enough money to spend for our planned food trip & massage escapade.

So here were some of the photos taken during the trip worth remembering & trying again the next time when time allows us to do so.

This is the view of the KTM Resort where we stayed for the rest of this trip.

      Summer Essentials: Frame-up Shades & Cool Toppers!

  Indulging in spicy Indo foods with my partner in crime Baby Jitz! 


Rock that BODY! ;)

Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.

Daming gutom @ Pacific Coffee Harbourfront

What is money? Just a paper.

Days in the sun!

Because life's too short to delay its sweet luxuries.

SLR Canon New Found Friend

Relaxing at the pool area of KTM resort

Strolling around the views of KTM resort

Thought for the Day.

Relaxed mornings.

Inside the room while watching TV

Casual food

Play a summer rhapsody

What a nice view!

Living well is the best revenge.

Watch out for more travel blogs only here in F3! Have a great life people.

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