Sunday 12 August 2012

Macau May 2012

Macau known as the Asia's Las Vegas is simply stunning and one of the best structurally designed city I've ever seen. Since this place was just a ferry ride away from Hongkong, it was a not-to-missed place to visit. Hope you would like the sceneries and picturesque views of this haven place.

Most of the foods were influenced by Portugese & Macanese Cusine.

Stunning Design Interiors @ Galaxy Hotel

Macau is definitely the City of Dreams.

Gigantic Crystal Shows for public view.

Who wouldn't love this place by the way?

Astonishing reflections & thrilling views.

Macau Lobby Extravaganza

@ Galaxy 

Each property is deadly serious about offering something awesome.

Sky- ceiling of painted clouds.

Red car is <3

Anywhere you take a shot is definitely stunning.

@ Venetian Macau

Golden Dragon hanging on the ceiling.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

Painted clouds, piazzas & shoppes @ Venetian

An eye-opening landscape of indoor garden view.

Artistic wall designs are just everywhere.

Light Sleepers

Got this shot for my Lookbook post =)

Taking it all in makes for this city's best free entertainment.

Hope you had a great time browsing the amazing views and must-see places in Macau. Next blog will be my HongKong amazing trip. To travel is simply to widen our horizons on what life is all about. 

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