Saturday 15 September 2012


FULLHOUSE is a lifestyle store & cafe in Singapore located at the Rendezvous Hotel Gallery.

Fullhouse Theme Café brings new dimensions to the shopping and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. 

Tracy’s Fusion Food Menu offers a wide selection.  Signature dishes include Tony’s Burger (with teriyaki chicken patty), The Fullhouse Club Sandwich, Wok-Seared Chicken Chop, Seared Seabass, and a small selection of Spaghetti and Singapore delights such as Laksa, Chicken Rice and Bak Kut Teh. For Dessert and Drinks, drop in for a surprise.

The Entrance to Full House Theme Cafe

@ the front porch area

Enjoy quiet space for some deep thinking

Excited much to see the menu offerings

The FullHouse menu w/ Jizelle Dae

Cozy Corner

Delectable creations using the family’s secret recipes.

IG moments!

A collection of fine wine, photography and art pieces… 

Vintage Lightings.

Signature dishes include Tony’s Burger

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Having a great dining experience

Spaghetti Pasta w/ Turkey Ham & Mushroom Cream

Iced Lemon Tea

Quirky clocks and plush sofas

Time slows down in this ambience

Dove & Cage Artistic Display

Evergreen furniture in shades of cream and white

A warm Victorian-inspired house

Romantically-decorated living / dining area

White Fountain outside of the dining area

Make a wish Baby Jitz

Wide selections of desserts available

Thumbs up for food, atmosphere & great dining experience

Mini-cooper w/ Jizelle Dae

A vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper Classic pulls up at the front porch

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