Tuesday 18 September 2012

Hongkong Disneyland May 2012

Welcome to Hongkong Disneyland! This is the happiest place on Earth! For all of those you guys out there who experienced the fun & excitement of this awesome place, relive the moments and laughters you had as we take a look back on amazing rides and hidden Mickey hunting moments.

I <3 HK shirt! A must-buy when you visit HK!

Sunny Bay @ Disneyland Station

Entrance to HK Disneyland Resort

Mickey Mouse Handles in MTR (subway)

Winnie the Pooh Parade

Disneyland Castle Night Display

Disney Frozen Treats

This way to Toy Story Land

Fireworks Display @ Disneyland Closing


One of my Lookbook Style Session

Mickey Mouse waiving on the crowd

Disneyland Trip with the whole cast

Getting' on the ride!

Lookbook Session @ Toy Story Land

Our tickets on the way to Disneyland

More of LB style =)

One of the photos I really loved w/ Daphne

@ The Lion King Festival Show

Frame-up Shades

The Lion King Festival Show

Accesorize me 

Hope to update you again on my travel soon. Next blog post will be my adventure in Thailand. Live life to its fullest =)

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  1. OH! I want to go there someday. I'm pretty sure you had fun there! btw, it's me, Donnico Barcelon from Lookbook!