Sunday 24 February 2013


You will never go wrong in a black-gray color palette. Black is the best color that can go with gray. Gray, black, tan, and off-white are generally considered neutral colors. Gray will take on a warm or cool impression depending on surrounding colors. Black & white are always the easiest neutrals to add into just about any color scheme.  

I'm always a fan of Armani Exchange brand from their classic leather belts, jeans & even watches. I got this shirt as a gift on my 24th birthday. It's my first Armani item so it deserves an obligatory Lookbook shoot.
My total look. Hype it in Lookbook here.

Mixing high & low brands will always be a challenging but satisfying
way of justifying a look.
I paired it with a rugged/ washed shorts that used to be a straight-cut denim pants.
Watch- Aeropostale; Accessories- from Malaysia; Shorts- D.I.Y.
Adding accessories (leather & studded bracelets) for some character
& edge to the total look.
Lastly, this Rajo Milanos completed my attire by making it relaxed yet
a presentable for a casual getaway.
Flats- Rajo Milanos

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