Monday 11 February 2013


Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated time of the year in Singapore. Since we were given 3-day vacation, I decided to pursue my first major travel escapade this 2013 to finally see the famous Petronas Tower. Touchdown Kuala Lumpur.

My mode of transportation was very convinient as I can choose between land or air travel from SG to KL. I booked my two-way bus trip & 3D2N hotel accomodation that cost me less than $300 SGD.

I will admit that I had so much preparation for this in terms of my must-do list & ootd (outfit of the day) style over there. LOL!

I even challenged myself for a 250 MR challenge to see what I can eat, buy, & enjoy in KL with that amount. So here were my unforgettable journey in Malaysia.

I arrived at the bus station half an hour earlier to make sure I will not be on a hurry. Buy sadly I still waited for hours boarding not in my exact bus & seat no. due to festive season. So don't forget to bring a lot of patience :)

Another tip: It takes 2 stops (SG & MALAYSIA Immigration) so you need to take down the bus & don't forget your passport to be secured with you. Since it will be a long trip, don't forget to bring some snacks & liquids with you coz in my experience, I never had my dinner so the whole trip my stomach was empty.

Travel-friendly outfit.
(H&M hat, Giordano shirt, Kitschen pants, Everlast shoes, G-shock watch)

My Superior King Bedroom.
I arrived around 7AM at Sky Express Hotel via
located at Jalan Bintang KL Malaysia.
Breakfast buffet.
I'm on a 30-day no rice challenge so I had protein overload.

Pak Hailam Kopitiam offers some decent breakfast
located at the 2nd floor of my hotel.
The weather was perfect for my Saturday tour around the city.
Comfort is my priority so this was my look.
(Cotton On shirt, Recoil shorts, Pedro sandals, Prada sunnies)
Around 10AM I left the hotel & went straight to Berjaya Times Square
I satisfied my cravings for Krispy Kreme.

Berjaya Central Mall.
Chinese New Year Decoration all around the malls of KL.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I went straight to Petronas twin towers to get some photos.
As a single traveller, I asked tourist around to take photo of me in this landmark LOL!
Menara Tower Kuala Lumpur.
Menara tower provides a panoramic view of the city from the top.
Lively & colorful street arts along the busy streets of KL.

Along the Little India streets.

Wanted to try the city tour hop-on hop-off but it was time consuming.  You can try this especially when you really wanted to have a tour of the main city.

Saw this along the Hindu temple where people smash a coconut which I believe was part of a religious practice.
I used to have this (kalapati) inside a cage when I was a kid, but here you can see them anywhere on the streets.
Night window shopping @ KLCC. They have malls like Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88 & Wisma where you can have lowest to highest end brands for your fashion appetite.
The fountain in front of Pavilion shopping center.
The night life of KL.
I went all over the streets where you can try having dinner, foot massage, or simply observe the people on how they created KL as one of the most visited city of South-east Asia.
My budget pasalubong for friends.
Coffee moment on my 2nd day in KL.
Another breath-taking breakfast buffet.
Went to Genting Higlands & tried the Skyway Cable Car for the first time.
Malaysian Ringgit.
It was a jackpot when I bought this blue porter bag for only 25 MR.
I checked out 12nn at the hotel, bought some pasalubong for friends & spent my remaining hours in Starbucks planning for my next 2013 travel plan.
What I wore on my last day in KL
(Cotton On shirt, Kitschen pants, SM shoes, A&F watch, Crumpler bag)
Happy Chinese New Year to all.
Hopefully this year I can finally visit Phuket (mid-year) & Korea (year-end). All of this were just a dream before but now I'm just amazed on how it all went to reality. Continue to dream & explore the world my friends. Till my next travel blog post.

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