Wednesday 17 April 2013

FOOD: Cajun Red Rock

It was a typical sunday getaway when I decided to celebrate my sister's birthday in SM Megamall for a day of bonding moments & food trips.

Deciding on the right place to have our lunch was a tough task as we looked into place that is not only worth blogging but also offering incredible dishes.

With the wide varieties of restaurants to choose from, we had a hard time to choose between Yabu PH & Cajun Red Rock, but Yabu PH that time had a very long queue so the three of us finally decided to give Cajun Red Rock a try.

The interior of Cajun Red Rock was quite unique although not so impressive. When it comes to their food selection, it's a surprise for me that they offer the best mouth watering dishes with a great taste and price worth conquering.

Cajun Red Rock: Great Food, Loads of Fun!

Popcorn was served while waiting for our orders.

Stuffed Meatballs Pasta (Php 185) .

Southern Bacon Cheese Burger (Php 280).

Chicken Jambalaya (Php 335).

Adds on- Potatoes & Buttered Vegetables.

Bottomless Iced Tea (Strawberry).

Green Tea Drink (Php 75).

These foods were the bomb! Deserving an obligatory shot. LOL!

Burger & Pasta Situation.

My two lovable & hungry sisters.

The Birthday Lady.

My sister in her LO-VE top.

Look a like! That's what we heard from people since we were young.

Cajun Red Rock is the best! 

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