Tuesday 9 April 2013

FOOD: Real Coffee

REAL COFFEE and Tea Cafe has been on every food blogs and a popular must-try in the island of Boracay. Located in a small alley along Station 1, this rustic place offers the best "Calamnsi Muffin" in the world. So after hours of exhausting rides & water adventures, my mom & I had decided to give it a try. Known for its wooden chairs & tables, this place is a typical pinoy style kitchen where its basically open type where you can see how they prepare your food with the best ingredients. The aroma of coffee & freshly baked muffins will even tempt your appetite to order more. Haha!

I had their famous Calamansi Muffin (A Real Coffee Original) & Boracay Buzz (An iced mocha with banana). Mother dear tried Marc's Melt (Chicken & cheese grilled) garnished with onions, tomatoes & lettuce. It was so delicious & the muffin was so yummy (moist & not so sweet). I am definitely going back again in this awesome cafe to have a bite of their sandwiches & muffins.

Real Coffe & Tea Cafe LOGO.

Where great minds meet.

Wasted look after loads of water & land adventure.

Mama reminiscing our great experiences while browsing the souvenir photos.

Real Coffee's Menu Selection.

Freshly baked Calamansi Muffin.


Calamansi Muffin & Boracay Buzz were good partners.

Toasted Tuna Sandwich for my mom.

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