Monday 10 June 2013

FOOD: Bei Sheng Seafood

Bei Sheng Seafood (Taste of Thailand) has been one of the most memorable restaurant & definitely a must- try here in Singapore.

This food haven is always crowded for their best- selling food cuisines like Chili Crab & Tom Yam to name a few that will satisfy your cravings & a value for money as well. 

           Diet is not an excuse here!

        Thai Chili Crab ($ Market Price)
          Thai Cereal Prawn ($11-17)
       Kang Kong w/ Belachan ($5-10)
    Thai Deep Fried Fish Delight ($13-19)
             Tom Yam Soup ($4-10)
    Fried Beef w/ Ginger & Onion ($7-13)
      Chicken w/ Lemon Sauce ($7-13)
       Small buns to pair with Chili Crab
           Pineapple Fried Rice ($3-8)
     Blk 701-A #01-01 Yishun Avenue 5 
 With $128 we enjoyed this unforgettable 
  feast with friends (10 toal head count)

So the next time you can't decide on the place to dine out with family or friends, I strongly recommend Bei Sheng Seafood.

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