Wednesday 23 October 2013


Take a fresh approach to Vietnam with these Top 10 must try in Vietnam from irresistible walks and tours down to the best food in town to show you the best way to link the sights and taking you beyond the beaten tourist track. Once you visit Vietnam, this Top 10 guide will definitely make your experience in Vietnam unforgettable.

Vietnam is a free (no-visa-needed) country. Just bring along your passport, ticket plus guide & you're good to go.

Ben Thanh Market:

Vietnam's Markets are a highlight of any visit. The settings are as diverse as the goods on offer whether
assembling a picnic lunch from open-air market or procuring brand names at Saigon's high-rise malls.

Pho (Rice noodle soup):

 Hot aromatic broth poured over noodles topped with sliver of
beef/ chicken added with chillies, lemon, sauces & herbs. 

War Remnants Museum:

This museum specialised in research, collecting, preserving & exhibiting the remnant proofs of Vietnam War
crimes and their consequences. Through these, the museum intends to call the public to say "NO TO WAR!"

Reunification Palace:

Known as the Presidential Palace and headquarters of the government of South
Vietnam; work on the edifice started shortly before President Diem's assassination in 1963. 

Notre-Dame Cathedral:

Known as the hideous oink Cathedral' in the aftermath of the bombing at Place Garnier.
Inaugurated in 1880, it was designed to mirror Notre-Dame de Paris.

Jollibee Vitenam:

All Pinoys will understand why we love Jollibee and how it became a big part of our childhood memories. Let's
talk about their Jolly hotdog, sweet & meaty spaghetti & choco sundae. =)

General Post Office:

HCMC's grandiose French-style main post office is right next to Notre Dame Cathedral.
It is the largest post office in Vietnam & worth visiting just for its architecture.

Barbecue Garden:

Barbecue Garden specialises in a unique mixture of Vietnamese & International barbecue
recipes. It is designed to offer natural environment filled with the delicious smells of Asian 
barbecue while being in the heart of Saigon.

Nightlife Vietnam:

Not unexpectedly, the centres of Vietnam's nightlife, in the form of popular bars & dance clubs, are HCMC and Hanoi. The best-known names include Q Bar, Le Pub and Apocalypse Now. 

Cu Chi Tunnel:

The tunnels of Cu Chi was the holy revolutionary base of Military Region Committee Saigon & all Cu Chi people, where it became a versatile battle information to front enemy and to contribute significantly to task enemy fighting
for national unity.

Let's make a jump shot for that. Looking forward soon to explore more of Vietnam especially Hanoi area.
"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich."

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