Friday 6 December 2013

Gadeno Pizza & Steak

Any travel wouldn't be complete without having a try of local cuisines & randomly trying some infamous food spots around the place & get lost with the tastiest food offerings that your taste buds will surely gets hooked up with.

Gardeno Pizza & Steak is one humble place I can recommend located at Nagoya Hill in Batam, Indonesia. Not really sure is its a chain of restaurants here but the foods are definitely worth a try. They offer simple & clean cut menu ranging from rice, pasta & steak options for everyone to enjoy.

It comes with a spacious area & numerous staff to attend your needs. Quite surprised though that it's a free smoking area inside the restaurant & having an English speaking staff will be quite challenging. But over-all experience in terms of food quality, customer service level & budget wise, this place is a must-try food haven & enjoy more to life through good food.

Indonesian Seafood Rice.

Fresh Fruit Juices all @ only Rp 30,000.

What about their Satay Chicken Pizza? Quite interesting.

Steak Overload ranging from Rp 60,000 - 130,000 only.

Premium Coffee selections for all caffeine lovers.

This Chicken Barbecue is the bomb filled with all the meaty flavours & spices. 

Having the freshest ingredients is the best part.

Nice design interior & feel-at-home ambience.

This kind of look (hungry tummy kind of face) LOL!

With my sided kick Nathan.

All these just for two of us & gone in 5 minutes!

Having Basking Robbins after a luscious heavy meal.

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