Thursday 14 August 2014

Pulai Resort Restaurant Johor Malaysia

The best of part of any vacation will be the holiday feast most hotel chains would perfectly combine to the amenities of the resort like buffet breakfast and specialty restaurant. What else would be better than room service like what I have experienced at Pulai Resort Restaurant located at Johor Malaysia.  

Your diet will be on vacation mode as well for I'm sure no one can resist all these food selections available in this restaurant. I'm not a totally fan of Malay food but I do love spicy foods so all the Malaysian food items I tasted here were worth every calories intake. Malay cuisine is somewhat similar to Pinoy food for their love with seafoods & local vegetables that seemed to be a staple food items in the menu, except for their one-of-a-kind chili paste that I will always crave for every meal time. 

The morning buffet was also an intense morning eye opener for the wide selections of Asian, American & Western breakfast menu selections from the basic cereals & toasted breads down to their delectable dumplings & omelettes. I had some healthy options for this buffet and tried to taste the unusual ones I seldom eat back in Singapore.

So just drool over this liscious foods I had at Pulai Spring Resort Malaysia and forget about the diet thing just once in a while. Hope you enjoy this blog post.

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