Tuesday 17 February 2015

Travel: Krabi 4 Islands

Discover the best Krabi day trips where you can go swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing & relaxing.
On my first day in Ao Nang, I had  one day tour to 4 Islands near Krabi's sea.  You can have this tour program either by speed boat or long tail boat. The usual price for this tour will range from 1000 - 1200 baht, depending on your bargaining skills.

At exactly 8:00 AM, the package includes pick up from your hotel. It will transfer you to the local pier where all tourist will meet up for orientation. First stop will be Phranang Cave with king, beautiful sandy beach and swimming - ideal desert beach suitable for relaxing or exploring, both in and out of the water. Next stop will be the Chicken Island where you will experience snorkelling on coral reefs. We went next to Tup Island, a place popular for its famous sandbank. Lastly we had a long stopover at Poda Island which is another tropical beach with quiet atmosphere and we had picnic lunch here.

After this trip, the package also includes transportation for hotel transfer. It also includes life jacket, drinking water, English speaking guide, lunch and travel insurance as well. Totally worth it.

Tourists arriving in Tup Island using long tail boat or speed boat for the island tour.

Morning yoga and beach stroll at Phranang Cave.

I don't know what they call this, yes those are wooden penis display =)

The famous Tup Isalnd as part of the Krabi 4 Island Tour.

Snorkelling underwater trying to fine Nemo.

Tourist throwing white breads to feed thousands of aquatic fishes coming out.

Krabi's classic long tail boat.

Phranang cave as the tour's first island destination.

Climbing up the cliff to see the overview of this scenic beach of Krabi.

You can never leave Thailand without trying their local's best: Chang Beer.

Welcome to Chicken Island! Know I know why its called chicken, can you guess?

Don't forget your beach basics: cap, shades, summer OOTD & Go Pro to catch that moment.

I stayed in this place for an hour just watching the beach view, Oh summer!

The best shot of this trip, Why? My body looks to toned & muscular. LOL!

Snorkelling is part of the tour so swim as long as you can.

In Phranang Cave, you can also try rock climbing but comes on separate package.

Krabi is purely sun, sand & sea! I just fell in love at first sight to this paradise.

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