Thursday 26 February 2015

Travel: Krabi Emerald Pool

Another breathtaking nature given tourist spot in Krabi is their Emerald Pool. This place has been one of the most highlight of most travel must see in Thailand. When I first saw it on brochure, I taught it was just a usual lagoon or river with its crystal clear water that's so noticeable. Not until I discovered myself this mythical and magical pool that was totally worth the 2 hour deive from Krabi Proper.

Before you reach this location, it will take you 15-20 minutes walk from the entrance of the Emerald Pool. You'll pass by covered trees and bamboos scattered all over the place with its majestic clear blue sky and lush greeneries of the area. When you visit Krabi, this place should be your one main travel list. Here are some of the photos to prove I did enjoy the place. ;)

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