Sunday 5 April 2015


Since I'm in backlog for my Instagram blog post, let me share you again my photo diary via Instagram for the month of January. With my previous travel & food post, you'll notice that I had so much travels & events earlier this year, I really do love January not only because it's my birth month but also because this signifies a new start for another year to fill up with memories.

January 2015 was totally not a wasted time for me, celebrating my birthday from Marina Bay Sands and W Hotel Singapore, to Raven Manila in Philippines and join friends for the annual Sinulog Festival in Cebu City Philippines. It was a challenge to manage time to make all these happen! With all the calories, late night parties, multiple hang-overs and run-out-of-cash moments, but I totally never regret for this was my best birthday celebration thus far!

So here's my January Instagram photo diary, hope you love it guys. Continue to follow my blog and watch out for my Korean travel & food blog post soon =)

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