Thursday 2 April 2015

Travel: Cebu City Philippines

For the longest time in my life, I've been dreaming to visit Cebu City and as what they say "Nothing is impossible in life"! I was lucky to celebrate my birthday here with friends from Singapore in celebration of the Sinulog Festival 2015. This paradise really never failed my expectation, the island of Cebu is so much blessed with natural resources, beautiful beaches, awesome people and it's one thing making me proud as a true blood Pinoy.

I visited Cebu earlier this year with my Cebuano colleagues from Singapore. We stayed in Cebu Tune Hotel and had so much memories from their food cuisines, festival celebrations and must see tourist attractions. I witnessed the lively cultural celebration of Cebuanos during the Sinulog Festival, dance all night during the Life Dance Music 2015 and indulged in their infamous Cebu Lechon and Mango Shake. I've also seen the Cebu Plantation Resort and Spa and visited the Magellan's Cross and many  more experiences I've only tried in Cebu. 

So to give you some insights of my fun experience here, enjoy viewing these photo diary of how awesome my experience was in this paradise dedinitely only in the Philippines! 

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