Thursday 30 July 2015

Food: Patagonia Barcelona

If you're in Barcelona, Paella and Sangria is the perfect combo meal, and where else to try their best cuisine & cocktail in town, well here's my discovery to try it all out- Patagonia Barcelona. This restaurant is located along the La Rambla Barcelona very close to where we stayed at Sheraton Hotel Barcelona. The place was quite small just enough to feed less than 50 people but the ambience of this food haven was really memorable. You have the view of yhe crazy crowd along the streets of Barcelona while inside you'll have the live football game with all the customers obviously enjoying all the Spanish local delicacies available from their menu.

You definitely have to try their Seafood and Paella Negra. It's the best choice that we had and ordered the classic Sangria that was indeed authentic & flavourful. We were from Sagrada Familia and Barcelonata Beach that day and we were so hungry that we finished it in 15 minutes. It's definitely worth the bills we paid for and will definitely go back here in future given the chance to visit Barcelona again.

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