Thursday, 5 November 2015

Food: Dean & Deluca Singapore

This food blog post will obviously give you the hint how I love Dean & Deluca. Who will not love this food haven for offering the best Sunday brunch, coffee session with friends and of course the dessert cravings that would really let you drool for their wide varieties of dessert selections.

It was a hot Sunday waking up with a little hangover from partying too much on a Saturday night that I decided again to have a taste of their French toast and Egg's Benedict. It was again a calorie filled brunch but of course it was totally worth it! I also love their super moist rainbow cake, croissant and cupcakes. If you haven't tried Dean & Deluca, please be sure to have a visit of this place and take a bite of their luscious food to get a taste of heaven on Earth.

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