Saturday 2 January 2016

Travel: Bali Pulina Indonesia

Have you ever visited a local coffee plantation in your life. Well here in Bali, they have an Agro-Tourism place where you can have an educational tour of how coffee is being processed and cultivated before it will reach the market for coffee lovers out there. It was really an awesome place as you can see how local coffees are cultivated, manual processes involved and also the various sources of the Balinese coffees can be seen here. Not only that, they also have wide ranges of organic flavoured coffes and teas to choose from. After the a short tour, you will be welcomed to a coffee place overlooking the Bali Rice Terraces. Aside from that they also have wooden platforms as viewing deck for Bali's natural forest in forest of Bali Pulina. It's truly a relaxing tourist spot to visit in Bali. We went here by car and there's no entrance fee so it's indeed a must visit place for everyone.

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