Sunday 5 June 2016

Food: The Meat & Wine Co.

The Meat & Wine Co. located in the heart of Sydney was the first fine dining restaurant that we tried in Australia as we're seriously in search of the best steak and wine house in the city. So here's what we ordered:
The Meat and Wine Co. view from the oustide facing Darling Habour view.

Quite a relaxing interior with a touch of a Safari theme decors.
Wide selections of red & white wines!

Fine, delicate and dry style of sparkling wine. The aroma displays lifted lemon notes, 
with an inviting smell of freshly baked bread. Excellent fruit to acid balance on the 
palate with a long persistent finish.
Les Petites Vignettes BRUT NV

Certainly a top contender for one of the best value, top quality French sparklings available in Australia. Finding quality French "bubbles" at a great price, is a regular request form our Daily Drop members. So it is always a joy when you find a cracker like the Maison de Grand Esprit, Petites Vignettes Brut.

Chickpea - $14

Chickpeas, baby green peas, Spanish onion, flat leaf parsley, avocado, cucumber, toasted sunflower seeds, fresh lemon dressing, and crumbled Danish peta.

From the Paddock

Monte is the premium line of beef exclusive to the Meat & Wine Co. Monte Beef is sourced from only premium breeders of the highest quality MSA graded Angus catlle. Carefullyreared and grazed on selected farms throughout Australia and monitored from the paddock to the plate using a process of stringent quality checks. Monte premium cust have a high marble score, tender texture and robust flavour. All meat is aged in a temperature controlled environment for a minimun of 21 days.

Monte Grain Select (Grain-fed 120 days)
New Yorker 300g $34
Fillet 200g $35
Rump 300g $27
Rib-Eye 350g $39

Monte Free Range (Pasture-fed 120 days)
Eye of Rump 200g $24
Rib-Eye on the bone (Dry Aged) 400g $49
Rib-Eye 600g $59

Monte Gold
New Yorker 350g $47
Wagyu Rump 500g 48

Monte Black
Fillet 300g $49
Wagyu Rib-Eye 300g $59

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