Thursday 30 June 2016

Food: Melba Restaurant

If you're not a morning person, let's see who will not dare to wake up if this will be served for your breakfast every morning! melba Restaurant of The Langham Melbourne Hotel was the best dining experiecne that I had so far in Australia. I've been to a lot of breakfast buffet from Sheraton in Paris France and having the best churros and tapas in Barcelona Spain but their buffet breakfast here was intensely authentic with the variety of food options, truly one of a kind! I love how Australian cuisines can combine Western and Asian delicacies into an awesome fuse of taste. Melba Restaurant served the typical waffle, pancakes, noodles, toasted bread and even rice meals options. But what made it so far different was their sections of you making your own fresh fruit juices, overflowing white chocolate, green tea and dark choco fountains for desserts. They also served the freshest fruit slices, authentic yoghurt and of course local Aussie cuisinces like Kangaroo meat and fish & chips for the win!

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