Saturday 23 November 2013


Imagine to be in a place for a day leaving all your worries & just simply enjoy the day of travelling and conquering the busy streets of Bangkok. I was lucky enough to experience this unplanned journey when I visited Cambodia & for some reasons I just decided to be here before heading back to Singapore.

I wasn't able to catch my flight in Phnom Penh International Airport from Siam Reap so my only choice was to travel 6 hours by land to Thailand from Siam Reap via Poipet- Aranya Prathet border crossing. It seemed to be forever travelling not until I reached Thailand where I realised it was indeed worth a travel experience.

Thailand never fails to impress me with what their city can offer to all the tourists. From their genuine smile, luscious Pad Thai, quick street market shopping & simply going around Siam Centre will be one great experience for everyone.

Travel is rebellion in its purest form... We follow our heart. We free ourselves of labels. We lose control willingly. We trade a role for reality. We love the unfamiliar. We trust strangers. We only own what we carry. We search for better questions., not answers. We truly graduate. We, sometimes, never choose to come back.

Siam Ocean World

Laid back style on the way to Poipet- Aranya Prathet border crossing.

A must try- Madame Tussauds Bangkok.

A shopping haven for fashionistas @ Siam Paragon.

Enjoying the busy Thailand  @ Siam Center 

My dear friend Lucky  striking a post at a Starbucks outlet.

The lively street of Bangkok in action.

Pad Thai Street Food Situation.

Who wouldn't love pink taxi: Only in Thailand!

Quick stop @ Siam Star Hotel.

Accessible transportations to go around the city.

Made it to Paya Thai Station.

Stranger giving good directions to our next destination.

@ MBK Centre: one of Thailand's best shopping paradise.

Bangkok, Thailand - a city of chaos yet full of character. 

Street foods of Bangkok is so damn good.

Thai Iced Tea is so addictive.

Thai food is so yummy - my heart died a little.

I am Pad Thai-ing.

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