Thursday 28 November 2013


The month of August will be an unforgettable journey that marks a higher maturity level & view points in life.

This month was spent well connecting back with people that matters a lot to me. Celebrating birthdays, little success & simply forgetting life's demand over bottle of beers with friends were such memories worth remembering.

I also had a lot of first try this month including some highlight is this photo diary via Instagram: Arab Street, Wine & Cheese celebration, Adventure Cove, Annual Marathon & a whole lot more.

So hope you guys enjoy this photo diary in showcasing how awesome life can be. Remember that your life unfolds in proportion to your COURAGE!

Beng-Beng Hazelnut from Indonesia.

Simple bday celebration at work.

Getting a little kid at heart.

Luscious chocolate cake for Tracy.

My forever partner on life: Jizelle.

Pure Top vs Power Bottom.

Hunger Games @ Popeyes Cathay.

Red flats is a must in your fashion need.

Starbucks kind of night with friends.

Great find ring from Scape Flee Market.

Reminiscing my Vietnam travel escapade.

It's boring to be normal: Play Basketball.

Green tea frapuccino & I <3 SG Mentos.

Blogging over a glass of wine.

One fine lady kissing me on my birthday.

Celebrating work success @ Clarke Quay.

New arm candies: playing gray over black.

Dinner @ Wine Connection Bar.

Best photo so far with Lucky & Cherry.

Healthy stuff: Kiwis for my cough.

When black turns to white: G-shock

Over view of Harborfrount Centre.

Adventure Cove experience w/ friends.

Striking a pose @ Adventure River.

An afternoon warching fireworks
during Singapore's Day. 

One of highest like post I've had in IG.

Out of the blue lunch with these folks.

When in doubt: Eat Ice Cream.

This is why I love Woodlands: Great 
Food Porn!

Freshness kind of morning: Selfie 
before a quick run.

Some Japanese Ramen for dinner.

Coffee, Cupcakes & Blog kind of morning.

That time when I felt high I was like
In heaven :)

Welcome to my world of fantasy.

Bumped into this website where
You can make personalized casing.

Morning will never be complete w/o a complete breakfast.

A little seducing post after work-out.

Kway Teow is one dish anyone 
Should try before you die.

Sewarin' hard after Asylum work-out.

Starhub Sparks fund raising event.

First time to join a Fun Run event.

Flavored beer experience @ Brotziet.

Handsome awesome friends: Tim & Israel.

Horror kind of night.


Journal mode w/ Novita Aroma Diffuser.

Mastering my skill in the pool table.

When sickness strikes: Med essentials.

Off to Sentosa Beach: early summer look.

Had phone doing fashion shoot with the beckies.

Dinner over steak @ Pepper House.

Cheese please. When love strikes!

Back to my health stuff session.

Couple watch: mas pricey yung sa 
partner ko, yaman eh.

Feasting over lechon fresh from Cebu.

San Mig Light Situation.

I love nights well spent with them.

Shi-Sha experience at Arab Street.

What's up yo! Tracy & Jitz in hiphop cap.

Supreme Red Style.

Makansutra dinner ambience.

Food for two. WTF (Where's The Food)

My lovely TM Jaenette in her blo-cake-look.

Our little angel Baby marcus watching me how to blog.

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