Monday 25 November 2013

Bali Tropikal Spa

Any travel escapade wouldn't be complete without having a soothing & refreshing whole body massage unique in a country of your visit. Considering the high cost of typical body massage in Singapore, most of us will go hunting for the best massage place and good enough I found one in Batam, Indonesia.

Tropikal Body Massage is strategically located righy in front of Novotel Batam Hotel. The place is just a walking distance away from the hotel main entrance. We were lucky enough to find this massage haven after having a satisfying Indonesian Lunch in a nearby restaurant. 

We came in and treated first class with staff. Offered with some hot tea, we were given the massage manual to quick view of their service offer. We were stuck on choosing between the Tropical Balinese or Javanese Massage. We ended up trying the Balinese massage for a price of 
RP 268,000 upon recommendation of the receptionist. It is a combination of aromatherapy with the choice of Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Grapefruit or Eucalyptus 100% Essential Oil.

Essential Oils & Organic inspired Tropikal Body Massage.

Special Promotion Package (Couple Package).

Service offerings for various Body Massage Treatment.

Several Organic & Natural treatments for body scrub & mask.

Love this Indonesian inspired interior.

Classic Balinese Painting hanging on the reception area.

My excited friend Nathan enquiring on the receptionist.

Bali Tropikal Spa (click here)

Striking a pose @ Tropikal Spa Main Entrance.

Love the details of this Balinese architectural design.

A glass of hot green tea after the massage therapy.

Tourist mode longing for a much needed massage.

Massage bed covered in artistic Indonesian cultural mattress cover.

Scented candles & pure essential oils inside the massage room.

Hindi talaga paawat sa photos before the massage.

They also comes with this mini bath tub for some relaxation spot.

That holes comes with different aromas inside that will really help you to relax.

So here is how I look like after the 90 min massage. KO!

Tropikal Body Massage
Komplek Jodoh Centre Point, Block B No. 3 A Jodoh
Tel. +62 (778) 728 7878, +62 (778) 422 725

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