Sunday 13 April 2014


Dubai travel experience highlight will be day I saw the tallest building in the world - Burj Kalifa! Near this wold's most famous building will be the iconic Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping mall in the world where you can also see Dubai Aquarium as one of the top tourist destination of UAE. So here are some of the photos worth remembering & I should say one the the places you must visit before you die.

The infamous Burj Kalifa.

Trying some photo tricks while handing over this iconic structure. 

Dubai skyscrapers is just so magnificent.

Awesome architectural Arabian design outside of Dubai Mall.

This place is just so romantic, anywhere you go in Dubai, there will always be picturesque scenery.

Inside the crowded Dubai Mall.

This large aquarium filled of gigantic aquatic animals is located right inside Dubai Mall.

The crowd while waiting for the Dubai Fountain Show.

Burj Kalifa & Dubai Mall at night.

I will never stop travelling not until I see all the cities of the world.

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