Saturday 26 April 2014

Summer Wind Restaurant Phuket Thailand

Knowing Phuket as one of the best summer destination in Asia, it will be a great challenge to look for the best dinner spot in town. But when I recently went there few months back, I was able to dine in one of the best rest in Phuket I would highly recommend to everyone who's planning to go there for a summer escapade.

Phuket Thailand continues to become popular & develop with many fascinating restaurants & food chains springing up at alarming pace. One such is the new Summer Wind Club & Restaurant. The first thing to notice about the new Summer Wind is their breezy open slow type space from which you can see the passers-by ambling along the new walking street outside and of course many of them seem to be enticed into the restaurant by the lively welcoming atmosphere & good food aromas coming from the resto kitchen.

Fresh local food specialties.

Flavoured Shisha in various fruit selections.

Summer Wind's lively welcoming atmosphere.

Energetic ambience for a great night out to dine.

Fresh Mango Fruitshake.

Thai Seafood Fried Rice with Egg. 

Beef strips in Ginger Sauce.

Still can remember how this one taste- fresh shrimp in crunchy coating stuffed with the best spices.

Watermelom Fruitshake with that orchid on top- so Thailand.

The best Kebab I had so far (no malansa) after taste. It's a must try.

Cheese Prata served hot with melted butter on top.

Authentic Thai & Indian cuisine at such reasonable prices.

Summer Wind Club & Restaurant Phuket, Thailand.

All in all Summer Wind is indeed a breath of fresh air on the Phuket scene and one 
that is sure to become another iconic entertainment venue in the not-too-distant future.

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