Sunday 20 April 2014

Urban Food Asian & International Restaurant

I have noticed that for the last two months, my entries were mainly focused too much with my recent trip in Dubai. I realised the need to make a way in having my food & fashion blog post as well. So here you guys hungry tummy, let me share one of the best restaurant in Phuket Thailand where I celebrated my 25th last January.

Urban Food as they say is the bistro you cannot say no to! This place has a nice venue in the shopping centre with very clean & well presented ambience. And I should say prices are like half of what you might see in the resort hotels. We had the Thai fried rice, fish & chips & pasta as well. All the items we ordered tasted so well in including its serving portion. The staff are also helpful & customer service oriented. What I love about this restaurant was their free salad bar where they offered varieties of salad menu ingredients you can choose from.

You can also have wide selections of f rest smoothies & milkshakes with the price ranging from 90B to 100B only. I wanted to give this place 4/5 & would definitely still go again here to once again experience the beautiful flavours of Urban Food.

Urban Food Asian & International Restaurant.

Urban Food outlet located in Central Festival Phuket.

Getting that excited hungry look =)

Free Salad Bar.

Wide varieties of salad ingredients to choose from.

Alla Carbonara (170B)
-bacon & egg in creamy sauce.

Good service, nice decor & one of the more clean-looking restaurants.

Kao Pad Kai or Khung (110B)
-Thai fried rice with chicken or shrimps & vegetables.

They have large menu suitable for both lunch & dinner.

Fish & Chips (190B)
-Traditional breadcrumbed fish fillet serve with French fries & Tartar sauce.

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