Monday 19 October 2015

Food: Ponte degil Scalzi

Italian food will never be the same again once you've tried Ponte degil Scalzi of Venice. Imagine that white sauce pasta commonly known to us as Carbonara with that ham and bacon, that melts in your mouth will all the buttery and creaminess on its pasta! And what about the seafood pasta with the freshest shrimps and clams cooked with the right blend of Italian seasonings just perfectly done! And of course their cheese pizza using the best tomato paste, tastiest dough and world class chess to top it off. 

I would suggest to skip your diet plan whenever you travel and just have a taste of all the food that you can have, a once in a lifetime culinary experience you shouldn't miss out! If ever you will be in Venice, make sure to have your lunch here at Ponte degil Scalzi for the best dining experience.

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