Saturday 17 October 2015

Travel: Venice Italy

Separated by canals and connected by bridges, Venice Italy located in the northeastern part of Italy is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Europe, renowned for the beauty of it's setting, architecture & it's artwork. It was a memorable travel experience to finally visit this haven that took me almost 2 hours before it sinked in that I was indeed in Venice. It's like a realistic painting where you can go inside and explore the picturesque canvas of it's beautiful landscape. 

Venice Italy is the best tourist destination for me out of all the 19 countries I have visited so far. It was a short yet awesome travel destination of my European tour this year and if you're planning to visit Italy once you've got the Schengen visa approved, please make sure Venice is part of your travel itinerary and I will tell you, it will be the best destination you'll ever make! Here's some of my best Venice travel photos I would like to share with you all!

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