Sunday 25 October 2015

Food: Venice Italy Food Guide

Whenever I travel, I wish of having this "empty stomach button" that I can use anytime to taste all the best cuisines, desserts & local foods around the world especially when it comes to Italian food! Who can't say no to seafood pasta, cheese overload pizza, freshly baked bread and yummy gelato that you can only have a taste on that place. Visiting Venice Italy will not only fulfill your visual fantasies, but definitely will also satisfy all your food cravings.

If you will visit this place, you'll be amazed how food chains like Burger King and Magnum Desset Bar also exist in this lovely island, but of course with a twist (look at the photos) having it the Venetian style. You also should not miss out the best pasta bar & pizza restaurant just too many to mention and I do believe any resto you try, it will definitely makes your tummy happy. Also don't forget to have a taste of their heavenly gelatos that come in different unique flavours. Lastly, don't you ever leave this place without bringing home some local sweets and pastas, their simply the best!

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