Sunday 19 October 2014

Food: Early Breakfast Club

Early Breakfast Club is one of the hottest spot in Bonifacion Global City if you're craving for the best breakfast or brunch food haven in Manila. Come think of all your favourite morning table surprises like pancakes, bacon, eggs or even rice and Pinoy local food, they have it all here at The Early Breakfast Club. I've seen several celebrities posting Instagram photos here and the food presentation were indeed awesome. So this food haven is the place to be, you shouldn't miss out.

Breakfast of Champions: Carefully Crafted Dishes to Fulfill your Breakfast Cravings.

Sunny Salpicao (Php 325.00)

Sausage & Bacon Stuffed Pancake (Php 375.00)

Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup (Php 295.00)

Bacon & Egg Nest (Php 215.00)

Nutella Hot Chocolate (Php 145.00)

Cappuccino (Php 110.00)

Yin & Yang Champorad0 (Php 275.00)

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