Sunday 12 October 2014

Food: Mary Grace

Knowing the story of Mary Grace with their sold-out Ensaymadas & Cheese Rolls & the Signature Mary Grace Hot Chocolate, you will always have the goodness of home from their popular dishes that warm thr heart & soul. 

Ensaymada of Cafe Mary Grace are baked fresh daily. Having two options Classic or Grilled (Php 73.00) , they do serve out other flavoured ensaymadas with a twist (Cinnamon Apple, Banana Chocolate, Cashew, Three Cheese & Laguna Cheese). Their Cheese Roll (Php 46.00) Classic or Grilled are best paired with their Hot Chocolate (Php 99.00 - 138.00) that comes in various flavours (Mary Grace, Valenciana, Mint, Tsoknut, Mexicana, Traditional, White Hot & Cold Hot Chocolate). 

Cafe Mary Grace also serves Handmade Cakes using only the finest wholesome ingredients. They also have Homemade Squares & Loaves. Plus they also do serve All-Day Breakfast and Pasta Meals. Truly there's no place like home at Cafe Mary Grace - the goodness of home! 

Classic Ensymada best paired with Hot Chocolate. 

Hot Chocolate (Php 99.00 - 138.00)

Classic or Grilled Ensymada (Php 73.00)

Banana Fruity Milkshake (Php 135.00)

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